Whether full-time, part-time, or one-time-only, our comprehensive array of studio facilities, satellite uplink, downlink, fiber optics and data transmission links allow us to handle virtually any video, audio, television, teleconference, Video News Release (VNR), satellite media tour, or streaming media project.

Satellite Uplink/Downlink HRTP maintains a full array of domestic and International C-band and Ku-band satellite antennas, with coverage of every U.S. satellite and many International, European, Middle East, and African satellites. We offer both analog and digital transmission services on a 'a-la-carte' or package-pricing schedule.

Studio Facilities
HRTP has two interview studios accommodating up to three guests. Additionally, our two production studios are 100'x100' with audience seating of 300+. Our offices, studio and teleport are located adjacent to a five-star luxury hotel with ballroom and A/V facilities.

Vyvx® Fiber Optic Network/ First Video® Affiliate
As the Vyvx® point of presence (POP) for Eastern Virginia, HRTP offers high quality digital video services to and from virtually any major city in the world. The HRTP fiber hub includes multiple transmit and receive loops and full-time connectivity with the Washington DC Audio Video Operations Center (AVOC) and many local television stations.

Television Syndication
HRTP currently provides daily satellite syndication to broadcasters in North America and Europe. We can handle long-form or short-form syndication in either analog or digital streams. For digital delivery, we use Scientific-Atlanta MPEG-2 digital encoders.

Television Network Distribution
HRTP has extensive technical facilities and available space for master control, tape playout, server co-location, satellite distribution and syndication. We hosted the Family Channel (both East and West networks), FiT-TV, and MTM syndication for many years, and currently distribute The 700 Club program to the U.S. and Europe on a daily basis.